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The accomplishments and culture of Latino and Hispanic people should be highlighted throughout the year, yet especially during National Hispanic Heritage Month (September 15 – October 15) we take the time to bring the dialogue to the classroom.  Here are a few resources to help engage students in exploring significant events in the Hispanic American experience.

Things to think about while teaching:

  • This is an opportunity to create empathy and discuss the value of diversity.
  • If there are Hispanic or Latino students in your class, don’t put them in a position of speaking for all Hispanics or being the authority on all things about their culture or history.
  • All nationalities and cultures have struggles and celebrations. Present a balance of struggles and positive accomplishments.

Listenwise Stories of Latino and Hispanic Experiences:

Personal stories of immigration:  Listen to hear about the experiences  and motivations of Latino authors Sandra Cisneros and Gabriel Garcia Marquez. Hear the story of an immigrant from Bolivia, a 13-year old migrant from Honduras, and dairy-farm workers from Guatemala.

Elections:  Hispanics and Latinos have had the power to affect politics during this election season, both with their economic power and in the caucuses.  To celebrate Latino leaders, learn about the accomplishments of the former president of Uruguay.

Current events:  Listen to current events from Venezuela and Cuba, as well as events from the past, such as the deportation of hundreds of thousands of Mexican-Americans in the 1930s, for which California has recently apologized.

Challenges for children:  Learn about the difficulties of undocumented parents finding support for their American children, and the difficulties of teaching Spanish to second- generation children.

Immigration policy and trends: Immigration policies continue to shift and change. Listen to the strictest anti-immigration measure in recent history, from Arizona. Learn about the rising number of unaccompanied minors crossing the Mexican-American border, especially from Central America.