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(Originally published on April 29, 2016 and updated May 1, 2020)   Teachers do so much to help students learn and make a positive difference in their lives. Their caring presence has reassured students and their families that learning can continue in the midst of a pandemic, even as so much else is changing. Often […]

Earth Day is celebrated in 192 countries on April 22nd, but you can celebrate all month long in your classroom! We put together this collection of current events and lessons related to issues affecting the environment around the globe. Expand students’ knowledge of environmental issues and challenge them to become advocates for environmental protection. Check out […]

This fall we’ve had many requests from educators for stories that can help their students understand the issues, candidates, and election process in the U.S. presidential race. Every week we include at least one election-related story in our current events, but we thought we’d compile this list of stories to help you find ones you want […]

Space Day is May 6! Space Day was created to promote math, science, and technology and highlight the work of space explorers. Celebrate by nurturing your students’ enthusiasm for the wonders of space and exploration by listening to these stories about space.   Space Programs    NASA’s Plans for Deep Space NASA is launching a […]

Earth Day is celebrated annually at the end of April. Use these Listenwise podcasts to expand your students’ knowledge of environmental issues around the globe and encourage their support for environmental protection. Environmental Kids Documentaries are highlighting young people working to protect the planet. They are inspiring other youth to take action and stand up for […]

During Women’s History Month, use these Listenwise audio stories to help students learn about incredible women who have accomplished amazing things.  Expand your students’ knowledge of women’s achievements around the globe.     Women’s Suffrage Hear from people who remember the fight for women’s right to vote in 1919, and Tennessee’s pivotal ratification vote.     […]