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With Martin Luther King Jr. day coming up, we are reflecting on the fight for civil rights today and the struggle for civil rights fifty years ago. There are many similarities that can help your students connect the past to the present.  To help you do this, we’re sharing our 5 favorite civil rights protest […]

As we enter a new year, we started thinking about change and the process of change. We put together this Resource Collection highlighting current events and lesson plans that focus on different kinds of change. Protests This year we saw two large protest movements. It’s a powerful thing to watch thousands of people come together […]

“My students aren’t good listeners!” We hear this time and again from teacher. Yet in our classrooms we teach strategies to helps students in reading and writing but we rarely teach listening. Radio is the perfect medium for teaching and honing listening skills in your classroom. Strategies: Try introducing metacognitive strategies for listening so students think […]

As you plan for Veterans Day consider bringing the voice of real veterans into your classroom through public radio. Listenwise has a variety of resources on veterans  to help your students better understand the realities of fighting in and living through war. From trench warfare, Life in the Trenches During World War I, to Pearl […]

This Fall we have been busy finding great public radio stories for your classroom and working with our awesome curriculum designers to create custom lesson plans.  We wanted to highlight 5 of our favorite NEW World History lesson plans.   Memories of the Holocaust Nothing makes a bigger impact on students than hearing the voices […]

Many teachers challenge their students weekly to bring in and discuss current events.  Many high schools have entire electives devoted to current events.  And most of these classes rely almost entirely on print articles. Here’s what your students are missing by getting their current events only from print.   1. Evocative Writing – When you […]

Over the summer we at Listenwise have continued to select and post daily current events. So, we wanted to highlight some of the summer’s most engaging current events that you can use with students to get their attention and get them engaged in listening.  Sixth Grader Makes a Discovery about Lionfish in School Science Fair Lionfish in […]

1. Differentiated Reading Response Centers Anna over at Crazy for First Grade created pre-made graphic organizers that are leveled for each student to just pick and use to respond while listening. Leveling listening allows students to choose which difficulty they’re most comfortable with and also helps with self-learning.   2. Ask students to bring in their […]

YouTube is the second largest search engine to Google, so it’s no wonder teachers use it to find educational resources. We wondered if there’s a place for public radio and Listen Edition on YouTube. We want to hear from YOU!  Tweet or Facebook this page with your reactions. Audio + Video = YouTube We know […]