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We are excited to share favorite features and lesson ideas from a few of our Listenwise Advocates! These awesome educators are master teachers and Listenwise Advocates.  Read about their favorite Listenwise features and how they use Listenwise with their students. Learn more about this program and try out some of these ideas with your students.   Katie Booth […]

This is a question we get a lot. “How can I use Listenwise in my classroom?” Well, here are some real stories that show how ELL, social studies, and ELA teachers incorporate Listenwise into their teaching pedagogy. Try out these ideas for incorporating listening with your students! Here are a few ideas from our Listenwise […]

We often focus on literacy and language skills when thinking about what English Learners need to succeed.  And certainly that is an extremely important element! But one thing that struck us in the feedback from teachers using Listenwise is the impact of a relevant, captivating story. We hear over and over how students will naturally […]

This summer Waltham High School, in Massachusetts, did something very different for its summer reading. They chose a podcast. Not just any podcast, but the most popular, breakthrough podcast of our time—Serial. The 12 episode series re-examines the case of a teenager who was convicted of killing his former girlfriend. It asks the audience to […]

Using a Crowdsourcing Platform to Fund Listenwise Premium We know there are many of you who are using Listenwise’s free features but would LOVE to move to Premium with the additional literacy supports, the student accounts and the ability to make assignments. But your school just doesn’t have the budget. We thought we’d share with […]

Listenwise was recently featured on EdTalk Radio with special guest Sally Dodge, a middle school science teacher in Eastland Middle school in Roseville Michigan. EdTalk Radio host Larry Jacobs asked Sally to describe her students’ listening skills. Her answer? In one word, abysmal. Listen to the the full exchange.   This year Michigan introduced a […]

Last Monday Listenwise (formerly called Listen Current) was featured on Education Talk Radio as one of “the best new products out there” for teachers. You can hear the full show below. Host Larry Jacobs asked Listenwise founder Monica Brady-Myerov about the founding of Listenwise and the ways it can be used in the classroom. She […]

It’s widely recognized that students don’t do a good job evaluating sources. Being able to evaluate sources is a skill that’s needed in every discipline. If you want a reminder about what Informational Literacy is, read this overview by the Association of College and Resource Libraries. The growing importance of teaching these skills is what […]

It’s the beginning of the school year and students are still quiet.  You don’t yet know their stories yet. Current events and debates can be a great way to encourage kids to come out of their shells and to learn more about each other. The Listenwise team saw Miriam Morgenstern do just this when we visited […]