This fall as you are trying to implement new things in your classroom, try crowdfunding on DonorsChoose to raise the funds for Listenwise Premium. Connect to a thriving community of donors who are eager to fund your classroom projects.

What is Donors Choose?

Donors Choose is a platform that connects classroom teachers with anyone who wants to help a classroom in need. Bring learning opportunities to life by posting a project; request books, technology, field trips—anything you’ve been dreaming of for your students. Then tap into the DonorsChoose network and reach out to your own. (Over 75% of teachers reach their funding goal).

How does Donors Choose support my Listenwise subscription?

You know what your classroom needs. DonorsChoose wants to help you get it.

  1. Sign up for a Donors Choose Account.
  2. Describe your class and create a project
  3. Spread the word and raise funds – tweet at us @listenwiselearn and we’ll share it!
  4. Receive access to Listenwise Premium once funds are raised! **Big donors will pay off all projects listed on DonorsChoose once in a while**

Here is a “how-to” guide we made to help you set up your DonorsChoose project with Listenwise.

If you create a DonorsChoose project, be sure to let us know so we can help spread the word!