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Podcast Lessons for Learning Pods & Homeschooling Parents

Never before have there been so many different learning environments for K-12 kids. If you are now in a pandemic pod or a homeschooling situation, Listenwise’s podcast lessons support your children’s learning in any setting, including outside a regular K-12 classroom. Whatever your curriculum, you can find engaging stories to help you teach listening and…

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Introducing Listening Lessons With Your Students

There are many ways to set up a listening lesson with your class. Here are some ideas to help you get started and have students find out more about themselves and their listening styles. When presenting Listenwise to your students and listening to a story together as a class, there will be a wide variety…

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7 Guidelines for Teaching Listening

Given the importance of listening well to maximize success in and out of school, you might wonder if there are any guidelines for teaching it. In reviewing research on listening comprehension, we have developed seven guidelines for instruction before, during, and after listening. They are as follows: According to Funk and Funk (1989), it’s important…

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Listening Comprehension Matters

Join Listenwise today to access podcast lessons from the best non-fiction storytellers and the largest library of listening comprehension quizzes for the classroom.

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