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How to Use Listenwise to Improve Listening, Literacy, and Language Skills

Listenwise is a flexible resource and can be used to meet many different goals for your students. Listening advances oral language skills and literacy through a wide range of activities and we describe a few in this blog. Our next blog will have additional ideas about using Listenwise to enhance engagement and critical thinking about…

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5 Ways to Get Started with Listenwise

In most schools, the skill of listening comprehension gets little attention. Now that state and national assessments are starting to include listening items, it’s important find ways to incorporate listening comprehension practice into lessons. Listenwise can be used throughout instruction whether in whole group, small group, or independent learning. These radio stories can be used…

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Bringing Educators and Public Radio Together at WBUR

Last week we had a great event at Boston’s NPR news station, 90.9 FM WBUR where we brought together teachers, administrators, and public radio reporters to talk education. As we toured the station with Boston Public, Newton, and Boston Latin teachers and administrators, it was clear that engaging content is the glue to drawing anyone…

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You Asked, We Delivered – New Student PREMIUM features

We have exciting news to share!  We have launched new PREMIUM features for students. You asked for a student-directed option of Listenwise resources, and we have now upgraded PREMIUM student accounts to be able to search and browse our complete library of public radio stories! That means they can search all 800 + current events…

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Summer Listening List 2015

This summer as you pack your bags for a get away or head to the beach for the day, we want to suggest some amazing stories for you to listen to. All school year we at Listenwise curate the best public radio stories for your classroom. But we know you are busy and probably miss…

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Captioning Listening

Sometimes I turn on my TV and the close captioning feature has been activated. I can’t find the button to turn it off so I think, it won’t distract me. And yet I find it impossible to ignore. It turns out that reading subtitles in the same language as you are listening, is impossible to ignore….

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5 Things We Learned from EdSurge Baltimore

Listenwise attended its first EdSurge Summit this year in Baltimore.  So many teachers swarmed the hotel it took us an extra 15 minutes to park! What’s great about EdSurge is that so many teachers attend with the true intent of getting their hands dirty with edtech.  They want to sit down and get to work….

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Education Talk Radio and Listening Routines

Last Monday Listenwise (formerly called Listen Current) was featured on Education Talk Radio as one of “the best new products out there” for teachers. You can hear the full show below. Host Larry Jacobs asked Listenwise founder Monica Brady-Myerov about the founding of Listenwise and the ways it can be used in the classroom. She…

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Civil Rights Protests, Now and in the Past

With Martin Luther King Jr. day coming up, we are reflecting on the fight for civil rights today and the struggle for civil rights fifty years ago. There are many similarities that can help your students connect the past to the present.  To help you do this, we’re sharing our 5 favorite civil rights protest…

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Listening Comprehension Matters

Join Listenwise today to access podcast lessons from the best non-fiction storytellers and the largest library of listening comprehension quizzes for the classroom.

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