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Educators Share Ideas for Teaching with Listenwise

Teachers using Listenwise podcasts with their students through remote/hybrid instruction continue to share teaching ideas that others can adopt or adapt to fit their particular contexts.  Many note that Listenwise’s curriculum resources help students connect what they are learning in class to their lives and the world beyond school. They appreciate the flexibility of the…

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Teaching Authentic Academic Language Remotely

Guest post by Robbi Holdreith, a middle school ELL teacher and coordinator at Sojourner Truth Academy in Minneapolis, Minnesota As I began to plan lessons for the new school year, I knew that Listenwise would be a part of my coursework for grades 5-8. For me, one of the top benefits of the Listenwise platform…

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Robotics and American Literature Classes Implement Listenwise at Griffiths Middle School

Listenwise CEO Monica Brady-Myerov recently visited classrooms in California and shares her experiences here. Griffiths Middle School in Downey, CA. I had the privilege of visiting one of the many middle schools in California implementing Listenwise across the school. I wanted to share the inventive, inspiring and successful ways I saw teachers at Griffiths Middle…

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How Do Teachers Use Listenwise?

This is a question we get a lot. “How can I use Listenwise in my classroom?” Well, here are some real stories that show how ELL, social studies, and ELA teachers incorporate Listenwise into their teaching pedagogy. Try out these ideas for incorporating listening with your students! Here are a few ideas from our Listenwise…

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Motivation and English Learners

We often focus on literacy and language skills when thinking about what English Learners need to succeed.  And certainly that is an extremely important element! But one thing that struck us in the feedback from teachers using Listenwise is the impact of a relevant, captivating story. We hear over and over how students will naturally…

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Listening with English Learners

By Sam Perez, ESOL Middle School Teacher Boise, Idaho I teach English as a new language to students in grades 6, 7, and 8. My students are diverse–from a variety of countries, each with a unique story. I came across Listenwise while searching for online resources and listened to the story about the Middle East:…

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Q+A with Kara Nierman, 7th Grade ELA Teacher, Woonsocket Middle School

We know there are many of you who are using Listenwise’s free features but would LOVE to move to Premium with the additional literacy supports, the student accounts and the ability to make assignments. But your school just doesn’t have the budget. We thought we’d share with you the story of one teacher who used…

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Abysmal Listening Skills!

Listenwise was recently featured on EdTalk Radio with special guest Sally Dodge, a middle school science teacher in Eastland Middle school in Roseville Michigan. EdTalk Radio host Larry Jacobs asked Sally to describe her students’ listening skills. Her answer? In one word, abysmal. Listen to the the full exchange.   This year Michigan introduced a…

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Education Talk Radio and Listening Routines

Last Monday Listenwise (formerly called Listen Current) was featured on Education Talk Radio as one of “the best new products out there” for teachers. You can hear the full show below. Host Larry Jacobs asked Listenwise founder Monica Brady-Myerov about the founding of Listenwise and the ways it can be used in the classroom. She…

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3 Key Skills to Build Informational Literacy

It’s widely recognized that students don’t do a good job evaluating sources. Being able to evaluate sources is a skill that’s needed in every discipline. If you want a reminder about what Informational Literacy is, read this overview by the Association of College and Resource Libraries. The growing importance of teaching these skills is what…

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Listening Comprehension Matters

Join Listenwise today to access podcast lessons from the best non-fiction storytellers and the largest library of listening comprehension quizzes for the classroom.

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