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Great Stories Get Kids Talking, Even Your ELLs

It’s the beginning of the school year and students are still quiet.  You don’t yet know their stories yet. Current events and debates can be a great way to encourage kids to come out of their shells and to learn more about each other. The Listenwise team saw Miriam Morgenstern do just this when we visited…

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Listening Builds Life Skills

by Nancy Foote, Middle School Science teacher from Queen Creek, Arizona I’ve always been a huge fan of NPR (National Public Radio).  Each time I listened, I heard something new, interesting and informative.  I shared what I learned with my students and family.  The fit of NPR and my physics classroom was generally not a…

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Boston Latin Uses Listen Edition To Imagine The Moon

Boston Latin School 7th grade science teacher Raquel Jacobson-Peregrino recently used the To the Moon lesson with her students to get them thinking about what it would be like to live on the moon.  They examined questions such as: Should humans return to the Moon? What is the value in studying the Moon? To demonstrate what…

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Listen Edition with Special Education Students

Listen Edition founder Monica Brady-Myerov, visited Anna Roundville’s special education class at Sharon High School in Sharon, MA to see how she uses Listen Edition in the classroom. Students were eager to share their new found knowledge from a Listen Edition story on the Dust Bowl. Anna’s students take part in the Charms Collaborative, a consortium…

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“Why I’m Enamored with ListenEdition”

Susan, a 7th grade social studies teacher in Brookline is a Listen Edition Power User.  She shares 5 reasons why she loves to use Listen Edition in her classroom. Tell us why you love Listen Edition by emailing us or Tweet at us! Kids engage with the reports. It’s easy to modify lessons, tweaking them…

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Why Use NPR’s Planet Money to Teach Macroeconomics

William J. Luther, an economics professor, decided to incorporate NPR’s Planet Money show into his introductory macroeconomics classes. This is in an effort to circumvent how “dull” normal introductory macroeconomics classes are and he found that many students enjoyed this feature and will continue to listen to it after the class is over. Episodes are…

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User Stories: Listening in Ms. Rogers’ BEAM class

Ms. Sue Rogers, a teacher at Marshall Simonds Middle School in Burlington, MA, showcases how she uses Listen Edition in her BEAM class. BEAM is an acronym for Burlington’s Extending Academic Model classes that serves as a pull-out enrichment class for the academically talented. In her blog post, she talks about: How and why Listen…

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Tom Diaz: The Driveway Factor

Listen Edition user Tom Diaz is a history teacher at Boston’s Middle School Academy. Read this article, re-posted from Boston Public School’s Department of History and Social Studies, about his experience using Listen Edition in the classroom. I guess my wife is glad to see my car pull into the driveway in the afternoon, but…

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Listening Comprehension Matters

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