Listenwise & Google Classroom

It's easy to get started with Listenwise and Google Classroom!


Listenwise Premium offers Google single sign-on, roster import, assignment sharing, and grade export for Listenwise quizzes. Check out the quick start guide and additional resources below to help get you and your students set up.



Questions about Google Classroom and Listenwise? Explore our Support Center for help.

Quick Start for Guide for Listenwise & Google Classroom

Teacher Account

Create your Premium teacher account with Google SSO.

Import your rosters to set up Listenwise classes.

(student accounts linked to Google are automatically created)

Get detailed instructions for everything related to Google Classroom.

Learn about the teacher and student experience with Google Classroom. (3 min)

Student Accounts

Students go to and click the "Login with Google" button.


It's that easy!

Share the Student Introduction Video (4 min)

The Student Quick Start Guide

Students do not need class codes or passwords! Their accounts were created when you imported rosters.

Listenwise is accessible on any device with wifi, even smartphones! (1 min)

Posting Assignments

Check "Share to Google Classroom" box when assigning work in Listenwise. (1 min)

On a quiz, check "Share Scores to Google Classroom" to automatically export quiz scores to Google.

Click "Share Audio" on any podcast to quickly share audio (no need to create an assignment)! (30 sec)

Quiz scores can be exported to Google, but you need to manually grade and input written assignments to your grade book.

Google Classroom Experience for Teachers and Students

Learn more about the teacher and student experience with Google Classroom and Listenwise in this short video.


If you want step-by-step instructions, please see our Listenwise Teacher Guide for Google Classroom.

Student Introduction to Listenwise for Google Classroom

This 4-minute video shows students how to create accounts, find assignments in Listenwise and complete assignments through Google Classroom Click here to watch the video.


You can also direct them to the Student Quick Start Guide on the Getting Started as a Student page, as well.