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Teaching Current Events In the Wake of Violence

As tragedy and violent news show up in the world you may be asking yourself, “What can I do to help my students feel safe, and how do I ensure that my classroom is a place that de-escalates hatred and fear?” There have been many tragic incidents in the news since 2019 and a rise…

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Listenwise Educators: Using Current Events in the Classroom

One thing we consistently hear from teachers who use Listenwise is how much they like our current events. These stories, published every weekday during the school year, are focused on topics currently in the news. They cover recent events, such as the Fire at Notre Dame Cathedral, seasonal topics such as the start of Ramadan,…

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5 Ways to Integrate Current Events into Instruction

Many teachers would like to teach current events but do not feel that they have time to incorporate them into an already jam-packed curriculum. There are many ways, however, to optimize instructional time by integrating learning about current events with other learning goals, such as developing Common Core skills related to listening and speaking, as…

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Discussing Current Events in the Classroom

Addressing news in the classroom can be a source of unease for some. The abundance of inflammatory language in the public sphere, attacks on journalists, and frequent confusion between fact and opinion can present challenges when trying to teach current events. All of the information and disinformation circling around the media can make having productive…

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How to Use Listenwise to Develop Content Knowledge and 21st Century Skills

Listenwise is a flexible resource and can be used to meet many different goals for your students. Podcast lessons enhance student engagement, content knowledge, and build on skills such as media literacy and empathy. We describe ways to approach this with a few activities in this blog. Our previous blog highlighted how to enhance language…

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Listening Comprehension Matters

Join Listenwise today to access podcast lessons from the best non-fiction storytellers and the largest library of listening comprehension quizzes for the classroom.

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