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Monitoring Progress at a Distance on Listenwise

It’s harder to monitor student progress when you are not with them for most of their work time. Many teachers used Listenwise during class time when they could walk around the classroom, see who needed help, answer questions, or provide support where needed. Now it’s much harder to see the struggle, confusion, or disengagement in…

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Elementary Podcast Collection Now Available

We are excited to expand on our elementary podcast lessons (launched in early 2020) for this Fall 2020!  We’ve taken Listenwise’s success formula and have curated stories that will grab elementary students’ attention. Our elementary podcasts offer intrigue, humor, and great opportunities to learn academic vocabulary in context. We continue to hear from educators how…

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Guide to the Elementary Podcast Collection

The Listenwise elementary podcast lesson collection, which was launched in January 2020, features carefully curated podcasts designed to engage and excite students in grades 2-5. These short, engaging podcasts on current events and relevant topics in ELA, social studies, and science can support student literacy and listening skills, build vocabulary and content knowledge, and help…

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Using Podcasts for Student-Directed Learning

During remote learning this spring, students were often expected to do a lot more self-directed learning than before. At the same time teachers were in need of engaging content more than ever, because a disengaged student who’s expected to work independently is probably not doing much learning at all!   As many educators are refining their…

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New Listenwise Features for Remote Learning

As teachers moved into remote instruction, the Listenwise platform updated to reflect new teaching needs for remote and hybrid learning. We have a lot of great new Listenwise features to give educators more insight into their remote/hybrid learning and allow more student self-direction within Listenwise. Remember to try our 30-day free trial of Listenwise Premium…

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Your 2021 Listenwise Premium Back-to-School Checklist

As you transition back to the classroom and prepare for a new school year, use this checklist to help you get Listenwise ready for your students (and learn about Listenwise’s new features!). Add the Listenwise App to your Clever PortalCreate New Listenwise Classes & Enroll StudentsExplore New Content Plan Listenwise LessonsGet the Help You Need!…

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New Product Updates! Assignment Management Features for Remote Learning

Suddenly switching over to remote learning was hard. And while there’s no sign of remote learning going away, there are definitely ways we can make it easier!  As teachers moved into remote instruction, they became more dependent on using Listenwise platform features for managing assignments and had some great ideas for improvements. So we’ve made…

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Quick Start Guide to Remote Learning with Listenwise

Remote learning is new to a lot of teachers, and it can seem overwhelming to learn many new platforms at once. Listenwise is digital resource to support all your students in differentiated, meaningful, high-quality learning – read about our new Premium features to up your remote learning game. Below is an easy way to start…

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Listenwise Support for Schools Affected by the Coronavirus

At Listenwise, we watched how the outbreak of the coronavirus caused many schools to close temporarily and rely on remote and hybrid learning for the rest of this 2020 school year. As a result we opened up access to Listenwise Premium. Now that schools are ending for 2020 we have gone back to our regular 30-day…

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Lexile Audio Measures Now Available on Listenwise

We are excited to now feature Lexile audio measures on every podcast in Listenwise Premium! This is a major advance in helping educators connect students to audio content at a level of complexity that is appropriate for their listening comprehension skills.Watch our On-Demand webinar:“Leveraging the Power of the New Lexile Audio Measures” co-presented with Metametrics…

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Listening Comprehension Matters

Join Listenwise today to access podcast lessons from the best non-fiction storytellers and the largest library of listening comprehension quizzes for the classroom.

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