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The Intersection Between Listening and Reading– Listen Wise Chapter 4 Sneak Peek

(Pre-order the book below and get stickers for your class!) Today’s blog post explores the intersection between listening and reading from chapter 4 in my upcoming book: Listen Wise: Teach Students to be Better Listeners. You can read more about why listening is a skill that matters (chapter 1), the neuroscience behind listening (chapter 2),…

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Listening is a Skill – Listen Wise Book Sneak Peek on Chapter 1

Today’s blog post takes a deep dive into an upcoming chapter of my book: Listen Wise: Teach Students to be Better Listeners. You can explore a sneak peek on ch. 2 this is your brain on listening and ch. 3. on how to teach listening. When I was a reporter, and my stories were heard…

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Understanding the Listening–Reading Connection

Careful listening is a valuable lifelong skill. It helps us learn language, integrate stories from our past, forge human relationships, and succeed in school and the workplace. Starting from a very early age, listening is a key skill in helping children learn to read and become better readers.  With reading scores either dropping or holding…

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8 Key Listening Comprehension Skills

Listening is key to all effective communication. To improve students’ listening skills, we need to be able to gather data on their performance, target specific areas of need, and then provide personalized instruction and targeted practice. At Listenwise, we support teachers by providing instructional support in literacy and other 21st century skills – particularly listening….

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Listening Comprehension Matters

Join Listenwise today to access podcast lessons from the best non-fiction storytellers and the largest library of listening comprehension quizzes for the classroom.

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