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HyperDocs: High-Quality Lesson Templates

We’ve been developing instructional strategies for teaching K-12 students with podcasts, and along the way, we discovered an amazing educator community resource: HyperDocs. HyperDocs are digital lesson plans that are designed by teachers, for students. They give students access to all the content and instructional resources for a lesson in one organized digital space (learn…

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Listenwise as a Tool for RTI and Targeted Instruction

The pandemic has changed the landscape of education like never before. It has mobilized the use of technology and  created challenges for many students, deepening disparities for some as a result of learning environment changes. As school learning environments continue shifting, it’s important to continue to address the needs of all students, especially striving learners.  …

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Listenwise Advocate Picks

Looking for engaging podcasts to use with your students? Our library of more than 2000 podcast lessons includes something for everyone. Here are some favorites selected by Listenwise Advocates, representing a range of grade levels and disciplines, who explain how and why they have used these lessons with their students.  Maybe they will spark some…

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4 Ways to Integrate Podcasts into Elementary Instruction

Listenwise elementary podcasts work in remote, hybrid, and in-class learning. Lessons can be taught synchronously, by playing an audio story for the class and projecting the interactive transcript on a screen, or asynchronously. Questions and listening organizers can be printed, or students can submit their work online. Quizzes can be assigned by the teacher or…

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Teaching with Podcasts in the Elementary Classroom

The connection between listening and reading makes a clear case for using audio stories to promote literacy, and Listenwise brings over 2000 great podcasts to elementary, middle- and high-school classrooms. Below we show you, step by step, how one elementary teacher used an audio story to engage her students in the topic of bird migration….

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7 Guidelines for Teaching Listening

Given the importance of listening well to maximize success in and out of school, you might wonder if there are any guidelines for teaching it. In reviewing research on listening comprehension, we have developed seven guidelines for instruction before, during, and after listening. They are as follows: According to Funk and Funk (1989), it’s important…

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Teaching the Serial Podcast

This summer Waltham High School, in Massachusetts, did something very different for its summer reading. They chose a podcast. Not just any podcast, but the most popular, breakthrough podcast of our time—Serial. The 12 episode series re-examines the case of a teenager who was convicted of killing his former girlfriend. It asks the audience to…

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Listening Comprehension Matters

Join Listenwise today to access podcast lessons from the best non-fiction storytellers and the largest library of listening comprehension quizzes for the classroom.

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