Public Broadcasting helps you learn!

It’s now been confirmed by this study.  I’ve always known that listening to public radio makes you smarter. Why?  Because I often heard friends and acquaintances use what they heard on public radio at work, at dinner parties and in casual conversations.  How many times have you said “I heard on NPR _________ fill in the blank.”  You know you sounded smart, this new study confirms you are smarter from public broadcasting!

Making Students Smarter with Public Radio

Knowing how much adults take away from listening to public radio gave me to courage to start Listen Edition.  I knew in my bones young people can also learn from public radio.  This article sums up the study by saying public broadcasting makes smarter citizens.  Now how about making student smarter with a lesson on ocean acidification?  Or get your students excited about studying ancient civilization by listening to a story about a man walking the path that ancient humans followed? Become a member of Listen Edition and you can have access to all the curated public radio stories for your classroom throughout the year.

The US Compared to other Countries

The study shows that people in the United States consume less public broadcasting than other countries. And the audience for public TV is shrinking.  For public radio it’s stable.  Where do they consume the most public broadcasting?  Japan and Norway.   The audience for public broadcasting in America is small compared to other countries.  Listen Edition will help grow public radio listeners by starting exposure early in the classroom.  Students will have fun listening to stories about eating bugs and they’ll be learning about global food issues.  And teachers will be helping to create a more informed group of citizens! Now it’s a proven fact.