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How to use Listen Edition Do Nows! 

Listen Edition is proud to announce our newest feature: Do Now questions. These questions are linked to the Current Events story of the day. Check out Listen Edition’s Twitter, Pinterest and Do Now page every morning for a free Do Now question.

Classroom Management

Do Nows  are a great classroom management tool.  Also known as Bell Work, Do Nows are a question students are expected to answer by the time the bell rings.  Your class will be settled down, quietly listening to the public radio story and thinking about the question,  before the bell rings so you can get through your lesson, painlessly and on time.

Listen to how one teacher uses Listen Edition as a Classroom Management tool.

Engage Prior Knowledge

All of our Do Nows are created to engage prior knowledge, which is a beneficial way to start your lesson by getting students to start thinking about your essential question.


After reviewing the class answers, listen to the news story of the day and have your students answer the pre-made Socrative quiz based on the current events story.

When this action becomes routine, your class will have an established expectation to get to work and get ready for the news story they’re about to listen to.

Have a great tip on how you’re doing Do Nows? Let us know so we can share it!  Email us at