Listen Edition founder Monica Brady-Myerov, visited Anna Roundville’s special education class at Sharon High School in Sharon, MA to see how she uses Listen Edition in the classroom. Students were eager to share their new found knowledge from a Listen Edition story on the Dust Bowl.

Modifying Listen Edition stories


Anna’s students take part in the Charms Collaborative, a consortium of multiple public school districts that provide programs for students with diverse special needs. When using Listen Edition, Anna uses the public radio stories and then modifies the accompanying lesson to meet the assorted needs of her students. For the lesson on the Dust Bowl, Anna created a listening guide that directed her students listening as the story played.

In another class, students listened to a story about the monarch butterfly’s migration patterns.  Students then eagerly showed off beautiful posters they created to go alongside a Listen Edition lesson on the Monarch Butterfly. Ms. Roundville and her students love Listen Edition and will continue to listen to stories throughout the year!