1. Differentiated Reading Response Centers

Anna over at Crazy for First Grade created pre-made graphic organizers that are leveled for each student to just pick and use to respond while listening. Leveling listening allows students to choose which difficulty they’re most comfortable with and also helps with self-learning.
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2. Ask students to bring in their own headphones

Clutter-Free Classroom shares a tip that allows for greater headphone sustainability: “-We have students bring in earbuds or headphones as part of their supplies so they use their own in class and in the computer lab.” Check out this post for more tips on how to design, organize, and sustain your Listening Center!

3. Use iPod Shuffles instead of CD players

Moore Fun in Kindergarten says that the use of iPod Shuffles greatly mitigated CD skipping or broken CD issues. Charging is never an issue and it’s a device that many of our current students are familiar with.

4. Use a headphone splitter

Looking to share the same story among a group of students? From-Teacher-to-Student says to use Belkin’s headphone splitter which can go five ways!

5. Use old iPhones for interactive listening experiences

Who’s Who and Who’s New decided to use iPhones in her classroom because students didn’t recognize or know how to use a Walkman. She strategically campaigned for parents’ old iPhones during an Apple upgrade season. Now students can use the iPhones for an interactive listening experience at each center.