Monday Listenwise (formerly called Listen Current) was featured on Education Talk Radio as one of “the best new products out there” for teachers. You can hear the full show below.

Host Larry Jacobs asked Listenwise founder Monica Brady-Myerov about the founding of Listenwise and the ways it can be used in the classroom. She comes from a career as a public radio reporter before starting Listenwise.  Listen to what inspired her to start Listenwise.

Listening Routines

EdTalk Radio also spoke at length to Amelia Soura, a teacher who uses Listenwise to help struggling readers.  Amelia is a 6th grade intensive reading specialist at Liberty Middle School in Orlando, Florida, and she uses Listenwise regularly to support the language development of her English Language Learners. She felt that public radio engaged her students in deep thinking and debate and gave them vocabulary exposure they wouldn’t have otherwise. Her discussion of cross-curricular learning and finding audio evidence was inspiring. Monica was most struck by the routine Amelia uses to integrate Listenwise into her classroom.

Monica Brady-Myerov commented that the idea of students expecting and looking forward to public radio every Wednesday was exciting and might be a strategy that would be helpful for other teachers thinking about how to make public radio a consistent routine in their classroom.

If you have thought of great ways to integrate radio in your classroom we want to hear about it – email us about your routines and successful lessons at