Listencurrent is pleased to announce The Great Thanksgiving Listen with StoryCorps.

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The purpose of the Great Thanksgiving Listen is to preserve the voices and stories of an entire generation of Americans. In one holiday weekend StoryCorps hopes to gather more interviews than it has in the 12 years since its founding, and foster meaningful connections within families, communities, and classrooms while creating an archive of wisdom. Join us!

Looking for a Unique Student Activity?

Why not have students interview a family member over the Thanksgiving holiday? They can interview primary sources — grandparents who lived through the depression, parents who remember how President Ronald Reagan governed and older family friends or neighbors who might have a great story about when they were young. You can also record your own family members to share with your students.

Help your students make history by recording an interview with a loved one this Thanksgiving!

How does it work?

First, sign up at and get the free StoryCorps app. Use smartphone technology to walk through the StoryCorps interview experience, from recording to archiving to sharing your story with the world. With permission from the participants, each of these interviews will be uploaded to the StoryCorps archive at the Library of Congress.

Plan your Lesson

Everything you need to get started is in The Free Teacher Toolkit.  Use the Lesson Planning Guide and follow-up activities with your students. There are permission slips and StoryCorps Great Questions to use to prepare your students to conduct great interviews.

Get Started with The Great Thanksgiving Listen

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  •         Share your story #THEGREATLISTEN