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We have exciting news to share. Starting today Listen Current is now called Listenwise!

For some time now we’ve had a mission to bring current events teaching into the classroom with compelling real world public radio stories and podcasts. We will continue to bring the authentic listening experiences to your students, but with our name shift to Listenwise, we are now growing our focus on building valuable and lasting listening skills for 21st century learning.  We are about listening, literally.

Why did we change our name?

This updated brand name brings forward the company values of the importance of teaching listening skills to impact college and career readiness. Listening comprehension is fundamental to literacy – if you don’t have good listening comprehension skills, you won’t have strong reading skills. That’s what the research shows. We want all kinds of students to be able to listen effectively, both native speakers and English learners.

How does this new name affect your user interactions with us? It shouldn’t.

You and your students will be able to sign in with the same login credentials as you did before – you will just be logging in at

Here are some things you can do to make this an easy transition:

Stay tuned for some more exciting product updates in August for back-to-school!

Happy Listening!

– The Listenwise Team
Formerly known as the Listen Current team 🙂

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