trumpclintonThis fall we’ve had many requests from educators for stories that can help their students understand the issues, candidates, and election process in the U.S. presidential race. Every week we include at least one election-related story in our current events, but we thought we’d compile this list of stories to help you find ones you want to use quickly. For example, you can discuss the role of the media, politics and unfriending on Facebook, or go all the way back to see where this election got started. And stay tuned! Like the election, we are changing our resources weekly so keep an eye on the current events section for more!

Policies and Beliefs

If you are interested in the policies and beliefs of the candidates, consider learning about their stance on the following issues:

Election Process

If you are teaching about the election process, have students listen to a story about superdelegates, keeping elections safe from hacking, early voting, or gerrymandering.  Learn more about the logos for each campaign and how they were created.

Female Candidate

Focus on the unprecedented first female nominee for presidentand discuss the barriers to a female president. Listen to this story on gender in the presidential debates. 

The Voters

Discuss the opinions of the voters and what they are looking for in this election season.

We will update our election stories every week so stay tuned!

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