Did your teacher send you to the student sign up page to listen to our stories or podcasts?  Are you a little confused as to what to do from here? Don’t have a class code?

If you have not been given a “class code” then you need to go back to your teacher and ask them to send you a “listening link” for the story. We use “listening links” so that you as students can listen to the audio story on your own device.  No need to create an account yourself. No need to deal with class codes. Tell your teacher to look for the white and blue “share audio” button in the right corner of each lesson page – just like this picture below.

All your teacher has to do is copy the URL and then share the link with you. You just click the link (or paste the link in your browser) and you’ll be able to access the story without any hassle of creating an account and logging in.

BUT, if your teacher uses the paid (Premium) version of Listenwise, let them know they do need to login to Listenwise and create a class in their account in order to get a class code for you. Here is a video to help them figure out how to create a class and enroll students. Once they provide you with a class code, you can go to the student login and create an account.


Happy Listening!