Are you using a free teacher account and wondering how to have your students access the stories?  

Perhaps you told them to go sign up and they came back to you asking for a class code? We’re here to help!

In the free teacher version, we use “listening links” to simply let students listen to the audio story on their own device.  No student signups.  No class codes.

What is a listening link and how does it work?


In the top right corner of each lesson you’ll see a white “share audio” button. You can use that to get a listening link, which is just a link to a student view of that story. Copy the URL and then share the link however you typically share resources with students. You can even share these links to your Google Classroom!

Do you have other questions about how to navigate the Listenwise product? Check out our most frequently asked questions in our FAQ page.

PS – Premium users can use listening links too!