We are excited to announce that Google for Education officially launched their active listening apps for Chromebooks (the #1 selling device in US schools), which includes Listenwise Premium! Google is ensuring Chromebook’s provide schools with tools that foster skills of the future. They’ve collaborated with educators across the globe to help curate multipurpose apps that enhance the versatility of Chromebooks.

We are very proud to be selected by Google as part of the active listening bundle with Fluency Tutor, a product of Texthelp that allows students to record themselves reading and then share that content with their teacher – away from the pressures of reading aloud in the classroom environment.

As a leading brand in education, it’s exciting to see Google recognize the importance of teaching listening as a key 21st century skill. Listenwise integrates with Google in many ways, teachers can signup and login with their Google accounts, and share assignments on their Google Classroom.  This past year we launched our chrome web app as well – visit the Chrome Web Store to get our web app for your Chromebooks.

We are the second bundle that Google for Education has launched so far. Check out the creative apps for chromebooks as well.

To learn more about active listening apps on Chromebooks, visit g.co/educhromebookapps, check out Google’s blog, or contact your school’s Chromebook reseller.