Summer is here! We’ve put together a list of stories  that you can listen to this summer while you are walking in the park, at the beach, or working at your summer job.  Some of these stories are not necessarily aligned to a curriculum, but are relevant or thought provoking. Summer is a good time to explore other topics and spark other interests.

Get ready to start listening to some great local and national public radio stories.


Enjoy Your Summer 2017 Listening List


   How Sugar Changes the Brain

   Art Museums Offer Tours for Blind Visitors

   Eating Together Helps People Agree

   Debate: Can Virtual Reality Make You More Empathetic?

   Debate: Do Busy People Get More Things Done?

   Debate: Should Teenagers be Allowed to Drive After Dark?



   Debate: Should Fidget Spinners Be Allowed in Classrooms?

   The World’s Happiest Nation

   PB&J in NBA Locker Rooms

   The Dogs of Capitol Hill

   Making Lunch in Japan is High Stakes

   Sounds and Engaging Teens in Listening Experiences



Thought provoking:

   Teaching Millennial Police Officers to Communicate

   Clash on Climate Change Beliefs within a Family

   Debate: What Helps Students Learn Best? A Lesson from China

    Debate: Do You Think Everyone has a Bias?

   Debate: Does Social Media Affect Your Behavior?

   Debate: How Can Social Media Help Save More Abandoned Dogs and Cats?

   Debate: How Can Students Become Prepared to Spot Fake News?


Lessons to Explore as You Think About Back-to-School:


   Henrietta Lacks and Patient Privacy

   How Snow is Made

   Black Women Math Heroes at NASA

   Caffeine: Helpful or Harmful?


Social Studies

   Growing Up in Revolutionary Iran- Persepolis

   Anne Frank’s Father Attempted to Emigrate

   Civil War’s First African-American Infantry

   British Loyalists After the Revolutionary War



   How the Weather Influenced ‘Frankenstein’

   Totalitarianism in George Orwell’s ‘Animal Farm’

   ‘Don Quixote’ and Being A Dreamer

   Hemingway’s Choices


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