Get ready for National Media Literacy Week on November 5 – 9, 2018.

Media Literacy Week highlights the importance of teaching children and teens digital media literacy skills to ensure that their interactions with media are positive and enriching.

In honor of this year’s theme for Media Literacy Week, we are launching a contest, called Fact or Fake. In three weeks (on November 7), we’ll launch a Listenwise Scavenger Hunt on our website. You can participate in the contest any time between November 7 and November 21.


Contest Summary: Do your students like riddles, puzzles, or detective stories? Then get out your magnifying glass and participate in our Listenwise Scavenger Hunt! Through a Listenwise quiz, students will be given clues to find Listenwise stories related to the contest theme, and then they will be asked to apply their media literacy skills to identify facts and fakes. The goals for students include exploring Listenwise, learning about media literacy, and, most importantly, having fun! To participate, simply assign the quiz on the contest’s current event to your students and let them search and explore Listenwise stories to hunt down the answers. The quiz will guide them through everything, so they can participate individually, in small groups, or as a whole class!

How to participate: Starting on 11/7/18, assign the quiz on the Contest Current Event story (that will be published on 11/7) to your students. Your students’ quiz submissions will be your contest entries. The contest will run through 11/21.

Stay tuned for November 7, when we’ll release the current event with the scavenger hunt quiz and the prizes. Make sure you have a Listenwise Premium account or the 30-day free trial  by then so you can assign and submit student quizzes.


Until then, here are some great media literacy resources to help prepare your students: