Blog Updated January 30, 2020.

We are excited to share that in January 2020, the Lexile Framework® for Listening will be launching and each Listenwise Premium audio story will have a Lexile Audio Measure indicating its challenge level. 

Just like the Lexile Framework for Reading, the Lexile Framework for Listening uses a scientific approach to place both the listener and audio text complexity on the same developmental scale, making it easy to connect students with audio content targeted to their listening comprehension levels.

Soon all of our Listenwise podcast lessons will include Lexile Audio Levels on each story to ensure that students can be connected with passages of appropriate complexity that target their listening comprehension skills.  

To learn more about the research behind the scale and get a sneak peek at the product plans for implementing Lexile listening audio and student measures in Listenwise Premium in 2020, watch this webinar recording:

Teachers will soon be able to further monitor progress towards career and college readiness using a universally accepted measure to predict listening comprehension and performance. The Lexile Listening Framework is underpinned by the same academic research and scientific rigor as the Lexile reading scale.

Knowing the connection between reading & listening comprehension and how they both support literacy, now with valid and reliable measures of both listening comprehension and reading comprehension, further research into the relationship between the two will be possible.  

The new listening measure has significant implications for teaching listening and supporting literacy in the classroom. Please share with your networks and reach out to us if you have questions: 

Stay tuned for 2020!