listeningGetting students to listen is hard; getting students to comprehend and apply is harder. Give students these three simple reasons why they should listen more and why you should integrate listening strategies into daily lessons often.

1. Promote Problem Solving skills

Listening is a building block to literacy.  Giving kids context clues is an important part of reading comprehension; and the same goes for listening.  By listening to radio stories, students can guess the meaning of words, even those above their reading level.

2. Encourage Mind Mapping

As students listen to stories, you are their mental guide to good listening. Prompting them to take notes or to listen to something specific engages them in a listening activity.

3. Increase Mental Focus

Shutting the door, turning down the lights and having students come together to listen in silence for 2-3 minutes can regain their focus and composure. Listen to how this one teacher describes listening as an excellent  classroom management tool.

When teachers involve students in the learning process rather than talking at them, it will ensure that they listen, comprehend, and ultimately apply your hard work.