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Socrative, a smarter “clicker” – our new partner!

Listen Edition is excited to announce a new partnership with Socrative, a response system that allows students to engage in quizzes via computers or tablets.

All Listen Edition lesson plans and Current Events stories now have pre-made shared Socrative quizzes made for you! You just need to register for free at Socrative to start using the tool.   Here’s a good example from a recent Current Events story about Superstorm Sandy’s one year anniversary.

What is Socrative?

Socrative is a free online quiz making tool that allows students to engage with their own devices.  Teachers can track their responses and performance and produce real-time data in the background so that they can interact with the data to fix misunderstandings quickly.  In that way, teachers and other stakeholders will have immediate feedback on student learning in order to drive a more personalized instruction.

Why Socrative?

We want to take your Listen Edition experience to a level where you and your students can further engage with content and assess learning. Our partnership with Socrative will ensure that you will always have access high quality questions for do-nows, exit tickets, checks for understanding, and more.  Using a Socrative quiz after listening to a Listen Edition radio segment allows teachers to track student understand and misconceptions immediately to further drive instruction.

Suggestions for how to use Listen Edition’s Socrative quizzes in classrooms:

  1. Release the questions one-by-one so that there is time for class discussions after each.
  2. Allow students to move at their own pace through the quiz first.
  3. Give the quiz as a Space Race so that students can compete against each other to demonstrate their knowledge

Encourage a flipped classroom! Assign the radio story for homework and have students answer a Socrative quiz as a do-now the next day.  All Listen Edition logins are multi-use, so share your username and password.

Or integrate more collaboration and conversation by using the Short Answer feature in Socrative to brainstorm ideas. This can also be used to gather ideas of how students think at the beginning of class and compare it their thinking at the end.

We can’t wait to hear about how you’ve been using Socrative and Listen Edition in your classrooms – tweet us at @ListenEdition or using @Socrative

Learn more about Socrative and their smart clicker system by watching their video.