Navigating the Listen Edition website just got easier with our new (or should I say news) face lift  We listened to what our users loved best and rearranged our features to fit those needs. Here’s what’s new:

1. Current Events

Current Events are now front and center in a beautiful, scrolling marquee filled with high definition pictures to help your students build a picture in their minds as they listen to the public radio story. The marquee will feature the five most recent stories of the week.

2. Listen Edition Newsletter

Easy access to our newsletter sign-up ensures that you can easily sign up for a weekly  newsletter filled with the latest news, lesson plans, blog posts, and Listen Edition news right from your Inbox. Sign-up for your newsletter today!

3. Lesson Plans

Know what Listen Edition Lesson Plans we have to offer right from the onset. From Science, to ELA, to Social Studies, we offer free sample lessons that are easily shareable so that you can tell all your friends about the benefits of using Listen Edition.