Susan and her student teacher, Christopher both enjoy using Listen Edition in the classroom.

Susan, a 7th grade social studies teacher in Brookline is a Listen Edition Power User.  She shares 5 reasons why she loves to use Listen Edition in her classroom. Tell us why you love Listen Edition by emailing us or Tweet at us!

Why I’m enamored with ListenEdition:

  1. Kids engage with the reports.
  2. It’s easy to modify lessons, tweaking them to suit a diverse group of learners with different needs, strengths and facility with language.  Even students who are very new to English can participate.
  3. In an increasingly visual world, this is a tool that helps students become better listeners, glean new information from an auditory source, increase their ability to visualize, and be aware of their own learning styles.
  4. There are links to visual enhancements if you want them.
  5. It’s a great tool for family engagement and discourse.  Kids can listen multiple times because the reports are so brief.

Thanks Susan!  And keep your students listening!