3_things_to_tryThe end of the school year is a great time to stop, reflect, and try something new! You’ve spent the whole year building a great classroom environment, establishing norms and student relationships, and have something really good going. Why wait to try something until next year? Here are 3 ideas.

Does Testing  Have Your Students Stressed? Base a Lesson Around It

One current event brings to light the question: are kids are too stressed today? Play this NPR story with your class, have your students write in their journals, discuss in small groups, or discuss as a class. It’s a great way to have a discussion with students about real life issues. Using this story makes it easy to incorporate listening, writing, and critical thinking in one lesson.

  End of the Year Reflections

Do you have your students read autobiographies or even write one themselves? What about memoirs? Have your students complete an end of the year reflection and write about their experiences. Supplement that lesson with teaching about memoirs. Listen to this great story about James Frey and his memoir, A Million Little Pieces.

Inspire Students to Read Another Book

What are your students reading these days? Have students listen to the life stories of authors Roald Dahl, Jane Austen, Jack London, F. Scott Fitzgerald,  and Lowis Lowry, and discover other works by those authors. You might just inspire students to read more this summer!

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