It's the Summer of Listening!Teachers! Check this out! We know you work hard the entire school year to keep your students on track and learning. While you are enjoying some down time over the summer, we know you may be looking into ways you can revamp your curriculum for next year. We want to make that as easy as possible.

Join in on our Summer of Listening!  This summer, we are giving all our free teacher users access to all the Premium features! You can explore all the features that Listenwise PREMIUM offers, including curriculum aligned lessons, interactive transcripts, and instructional strategies for supporting ELLs.  Read how it works.

How can you, as a teacher, fully take advantage of our Summer of Listening?

Step 1: Sign up as a free teacher if you haven’t already.
Step 2: Automatically receive Listenwise PREMIUM on June 1st. (If you are already signed up, you’ll receive Premium automatically and don’t need to do anything.)
Step 3: Explore all the lessons and Premium resources all summer long!
Step 4: Share the podcast love with your professional networks!

What’s involved in our Premium version? Read an ELA teacher’s take on all that we have to offer.

We know that the summer slide is a real thing. Try adding students into your premium account and send them lessons to listen to, or encourage them to browse our current events to learn about cats and rats, or water on mars, or self-driving cars. Students can stay engaged with learning this summer while having an enjoyable listening experience. These podcasts will surely spark many interests!

You’ll be hearing more from us this summer. We’ll be releasing the 2016 summer listening list on our blog on June 1st.

Happy Listening!