VPRWe are thrilled to announce that we are now partnering with Vermont Public Radio (VPR), an essential and trusted independent voice for news, information, music and cultural exploration for the people of Vermont and the surrounding region.

VPR News content with an accompanying K-12 aligned curriculum will be featured monthly at VPR.net throughout the school year, and is available at no cost to teachers. The teaching resources are geared towards middle and high school students in the subjects of social studies, science and English language arts. The lessons will include comprehension questions, discussion themes, and education standards alignment. Listen to the first story we’ve highlighted using Melody Bodette’s reporting on universal recycling.

Teacher tip: Read these teaching strategies and try out a few of these ideas to integrate audio stories into your instruction.

We are excited about enabling VPR to be even more accessible and to help educate people of all ages.

“Teachers and educators are always telling us how they often use VPR as an educational tool in their classrooms,” says VPR’s Michelle Owens. “We are excited about the potential for this partnership to make using VPR in the classroom even more accessible and educational.”

We hope you’ll spread the word to your colleagues, and please feel free to reach out to us or VPR with any questions, suggestions or comments.