This summer as you enjoy some rest and relaxation, or a nice jog in the park, we want to suggest some great stories for you to listen to. We’ve devised a list of stories that we find interesting, relevant, and thought provoking, and thought you would too. We also added a few stories that might be a little different from what you are teaching during the school year. Summer listening is a good time to stray from the curriculum and learn while exploring other fun stories.

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Get ready to start listening to some really cool local and national public radio stories.

Your Summer 2016 Listening List- Enjoy!

The most popular story about voting:
Voter fraud and corruption in Ancient Athens

The most interesting story involving camels:
Political upheaval is hurting tourism in Egypt

The most heated debate:
Are Kids Too Stressed Today?

The most exciting new discovery story:
A New Human-like Species found in a South African Cave

The most socially conscientious story about the environment:
Why do bees keep declining at alarming rates?

The most controversial story about growing up:
Is there an age that is too young to get married?

The most relevant story about bullying in the rise of the technology age:
A new app that helps address cyberbullying

The most thought provoking story about privacy:
Does putting a GPS monitoring device on the car of suspected criminals violate their privacy?

The most powerful story about culture
An independent woman explores  what it means to belong to two separate cultures

The most motivational story of one girl making a difference in the world
Why we need more diverse representations of people in our children’s books

Lessons to Explore as You Think About Back-to-School:


Social Studies


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