“The purpose of education is to cultivate thoughtful, informed, competent, creative, and compassionate students who, filled with a sense of wonder and an appreciation of life in all of its diversity, see themselves as active participants in creating a more just society.” -Facing History staffer and veteran educator Doc Miller

For our second collaborative webinar with Facing History and Ourselves, we explored how teachers can set up space for social and emotional learning (SEL) in their classrooms by teaching current events and using high-quality audio resources. Listen to this webinar to find great resources to help you establish safe and reflective classrooms and choose which current events and issues to address with your students.

Here is a link to the webinar slides.

These Facing History resources were mentioned in the webinar:

These Listenwise stories on immigration were also highlighted:

These additional Listenwise stories address SEL competencies and skills articulated in the CASEL Framework: