Podcasts and Videos for the HolidaysDuring this time of year, students and teachers alike start counting down the days until the next school break. Teaching about late fall and winter holidays with Listenwise podcast lessons can help keep your students engaged throughout the holiday season.

Our podcast lessons about Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Christmas, Kwanzaa, New Year’s, and other religious holidays can build students’ listening and literacy skills while increasing their knowledge of science, history, world cultures and religions.

Teaching about the diverse holidays of the world provides natural teachable moments for students to practice SEL competencies like self awareness and social awareness. After listening to a variety of podcasts from the lists below, secondary students may enjoy Analyzing the School Calendar, a lesson from Learning for Justice.  Elementary students may enjoy creating a calendar with a symbol for the holidays they have learned about on the appropriate dates. PBS has informative videos to help younger students learn more about holidays.

Teaching about holidays in a way that supports diversity, equity, and inclusion may require some thoughtful reflection and planning. You can find helpful tips and resources to use as you prepare in our blog. You can also read Colorín Colorado’s blog post about “Culturally Responsive Instruction for Holiday and Religious Celebrations” and resources from Learning for Justice to support “Rethinking Winter Holidays” in ways that are inclusive, respectful, and equitable.

podcasts for the holidays




podcasts for the holidays



New Years Celebrations

Other Religious & Cultural Holidays and Traditions 

podcasts for the holidays