Podcasting Popularity is Increasing

When I started Listenwise 6 years ago, only a handful of teachers were having  their students show what they know with podcasts. Today, it’s much more common for teachers to tell me that they have tried a podcasting project or would like to try it with their students.

This increased amount of student podcasting corresponds with a huge increase in people listening to podcasts. More than half the people in the United States have listened to one, and nearly one out of three people listen to at least one podcast every month.

NPR’s Student Podcast contest garnered 6,000 entries earlier this year. 6,000! That shows an incredible amount of creativity, self-learning, and gumption around a medium that’s still very new to teaching.

And it means there are thousands of you out there making podcasts with your students but with almost no way to share what they’ve produced, what you’ve learned and what you’d like to share with other teachers eager to try this medium.

Now there is!

The Student Podcast PODCAST

We are excited to announce the Student Podcast PODCAST.

Our new podcast highlights student podcasts created as part of classroom work. The subject matter is diverse, with  podcasts about hurricane recovery, math, self-discovery, immigration, and more. There’s no subject that wouldn’t make a good podcast!

I am taking my 20 years of experience as a public radio reporter and producer and listening to these students podcasts, talking with the teachers who facilitated and asking them to share how they did it.  And I’m adding my commentary on what are the best ways to make an NPR-style podcast, what’s the best voice recording and editing software to use and how to structure a podcast project. All so that you can learn how to make podcasts in your class.

The Student Podcast PODCAST will demystify the podcasting process, giving you actionable tips and tricks. And we hope it will inspire you to try it with your students.

We are keeping each episode short, under 10 minutes, so that you can quickly acquire ways to get a podcasting lesson started in your class and explore new lesson ideas.

Whether you have never tried podcasting or are a podcasting pro with your class, you can find interesting content and new podcasting ideas in the show! Subscribe, listen and review the show on iTunes or Spotify

Submit Your Student Podcasting Lessons

If you are already podcasting with you students, you might be interested in submitting a student podcast for inclusion in a future episode. Whether it’s a full class project, or individual student work, we want to hear it! Complete this short submission form so we can learn more about your student podcast project.

Other Podcasting Resources

If you are looking for more podcasting project ideas and tools to get started, you can download our teachers guide to podcasting in the classroom.

We are so excited to get started sharing all the great podcasting students are doing across the country!