Listening and Podcast Creation Tools for the Classroom

Learn how to use technology to better support your students as they build the skills they need for future success. Modern learners need to be able to think critically, collaborate effectively, communicate clearly, solve complex problems, and continue to learn independently throughout their lives. What better way to build all these skills, than through podcasting?

Podcasting can hit your learning objectives, increase student engagement, and easily be integrated into your instruction.

We are excited to share that we are offering a new Professional Development offering in partnership with Soundtrap.

Learn how to create thought-provoking podcasts with Soundtrap’s easy-to-use audio and podcast creation platform and our step-by-step professional development, delivered by experts in podcasting and public radio! With our guidance, teachers will design and implement their own student podcasting projects. Teachers will get 1:1 coaching from podcast experts, project lesson templates, instructional materials and assessment rubrics. Professional Development will also include three months of free access to Soundtrap and Listenwise.

P.S. Looking for more bite-sized PD options? Check out the Student Podcast PODCAST! You’ll hear directly from teachers who have done podcasts with their students, with examples of their students’ work.