Are you looking for some new ways to use Listenwise with your students this Fall? You’re in luck! We’ve put together some ideas to inspire your next listening activity. They have different instructional goals and involve varying levels of digital access, so there is something for everyone.

If you’re looking for more ideas, check out the Teacher Support Center and reach out to other Listenwise users on the Listenwise Educator Community Facebook group.

Week 1: Listen & Discuss Together

  1. Find 3 stories that students would find interesting and let the class choose which story to listen to together. Use this as a guide to find your listening style. You have the option to use the Teacher’s Guide tab on Lessons to support purposeful listening.  
  2. Use the story’s Comprehension Questions and Discussion Themes (under the “Assignment Resources” tab) to guide a classroom discussion.

Week 2: Quizzes

  1. Choose 1 story that has a quiz related to what you’re teaching (you can search by standards, too!) Don’t forget that many of our current events now have quizzes as well!
  2. Listen together once and have a discussion to check comprehension (questions under the “Assignment Resources” tab) 
  3. Have students listen on their own and take the quiz (with the option to use the interactive transcript, slower audio and texthelp toolbar)

Week 3: Debate Friday!

  1. Find a story from our weekly debate stories and listen together as a class
  2. Divide into “pro” and “con” teams and allow them to brainstorm and research evidence
  3. Hold a debate! Learn more about facilitating listening debates here.

Week 4: Current Events Homework

  1. Assign 2 current event stories for the week, create assignments for each, and assign them to students to complete independently. (*remember that every current event story posted on a Wednesday has a quiz!)
  2. Have students choose and listen to 4 current event stories independently during the week. Have students summarize each story using the 5 Ws, provide a writing prompt or have a class discussion about what they listened to.