As another school year comes to a close, it feels like a good time to share some fun podcasts for students to keep them engaged during these final weeks of school. Our collection of audio stories covers thousands of topics: from prehistoric penguins to pollution, from treasure hunting to tossing hot dogs, from sneaker culture to star gazing, and much more. 

Below, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite stories from our current events collection. The topics are on the lighter side, intended to entertain, educate, and uplift. 

Each audio story is 2-5 minutes long and is accompanied by comprehension and discussion questions, and sometimes a quiz. These stories will inspire curiosity, creativity, and fun during these slower-paced weeks. Enjoy!

Listenwise Staff Picks 2023

Lighthearted & Fun Podcasts for Students

Using the Scientific Method to Win a Hotdog Toss

How New Emojis Are Created

Sneaker Culture on Display

Ninja Peacock Takeover

Kid News: The Power of Wonder

Kid News: Finnish Treasure Hunters

Moving & Heart-Warming Podcasts

Whale Saves Woman from Shark

Struck By Lightning and Reconnecting

TikTok Star Teaches Himself to Read

School’s Unsung Heroes Celebrated in Winning Student Podcast

Author Reunites with Teacher who Taught Him English

Paralympic Runner Shows Resilience

Listenwise Staff Picks 2023

Fun Podcasts for Students All About Animals 

Unlikely Animal Friends

Puppy Dog Eyes

Whale Hit Songs

Research on Primate Sharing

Why Songbirds Sing So Much

Tracking Animals with AI Facial Recognition

Strange Science Podcasts

The Secret Language of Plants

Ancient Chewing Gum Holds DNA Clues

Rare Stinky Corpse Flower

Kid News: Brain Workouts With Tongue Twisters

Potty Training Cows Can Help  Environment

Discovery About Mosquito Attraction

Listenwise Staff Picks 2023
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