Teachers do so much to help students learn and make a positive difference in their lives. However, news of teacher shortages and contentious school board meetings reveal that careers in education can be difficult and thankless. Often teachers never know the positive influence they have on their students.

In honor of Teacher Appreciation Week, we have curated podcasts featuring teachers making a difference and students thanking teachers for all they have done. Enjoy listening to these stories and know that teachers’ dedication does not go unnoticed!

Listenwise Staff Picks 2023

Teacher Appreciation Week Podcasts

Kobe’s Teacher

Kobe Bryant’s high school English teacher had a profound influence on the basketball star; in fact, he even called her his “muse.” Listen to hear about the positive and lasting impact this teacher made on Kobe and how her voicemail inspired him before big games.  

Teacher of the Year Teaches Inmates

Rodney Robinson works in a juvenile jail with students of many ages and skill levels, and he is dedicated to helping his students learn and succeed. Listen to hear how this National Teacher of the Year supports his students’ learning.

A Gift for a Teacher

Reporter Audie Cornish remembers fondly a tough teacher who pushed her hard to do her best. Listen to a conversation between the reporter and her former teacher as they reminisce together about their experiences as teacher and student.

Rap Music Helps Math Students

A Texas teacher who has made rap songs about math concepts has had great success helping students learn. Listen to hear some of the teacher’s songs, and learn how he is helping other teachers and having a lasting impact on his students.

Love Poems from Kids

Poetry can strengthen bonds between teachers and students by helping them get to know each other better. Listen to hear poetic responses from students around the country to the Valentine’s Day prompt from teachers, “Love is…”

We love shining the spotlight on our amazing community of teachers. Check out this guest blog post by Listenwise teacher Carmello Chiara, “How Listenwise Debates Support Bold Speakers and Quiet Thinkers.”

Listenwise Staff Picks 2023