Getting ready for back to school? So is Listenwise! Regardless of what’s happening right now with the coronavirus pandemic, some remote learning is almost guaranteed to be part of the plan at some point this school year. 

As teachers moved into remote instruction this past spring, the Listenwise platform became a more important part of their instructional toolbox than ever. They became more reliant on the platform features and had some great ideas for improvements. Here’s what we heard…

Remote Learning Digital Needs

1 – Assigning lessons with more control and efficiency

With students fully online, teachers did not have the same classroom management options available to them and had to rely more on digital tools. We heard requests for more flexibility in scheduling when students could access assignments, more clarity about when assignments were due, and a faster process for making written assignments.

2 – Embracing student directed learning –

This spring, students were certainly doing more self-directed work and teachers were in need of engaging content more than ever. Now that many will be refining their instructional design for remote learning this fall, we are expanding opportunities for kids to select content that is meaningful to them. We want to help foster student agency and allow greater student choice.

3 – Monitoring progress at a distance

It’s harder to monitor student progress at a distance when you are not with them for most of their work time. You cannot see the struggle, confusion, or disengagement in their eyes. Technology is not perfect for all of this, but we can do more, including helping students monitor their own progress.

We have a lot of great new features to help address these needs. Some of them are ready now, and others are coming soon.

New Listenwise Features for 2020/21

Available NOW: Quick and easy assignment options for more control and efficiency

New features:  

  • Assign to multiple classes at the same time
  • Improved Google Classroom integration for written assignments
  • Schedule assignment availability in advance
  • Set due times (not just dates)

Read all the details in our new assignment features blog post.

Available NOW: Student directed learning

New features: 

  • Student-selected quizzing – Students have long been able to search and browse the Listenwise library, but submitting work has required an assignment from a teacher. Now students will be able to both choose a story and take a quiz on their own! This opens the door to more flexible instruction and routines, encouraging student choice or assigning specific lessons or quizzes, depending on your teaching goals. 
  • Personal progress reporting on dashboard – Student-directed learning includes self-reflection on one’s own progress. But data is needed to do that effectively. Now students will be able to review their own progress across Listenwise quizzes and reflect on their performance on key listening skills such as identifying the main idea or making inferences – all right from their student dashboard. 

Read about all the details about new student-directed learning features in this blog post.

COMING SOON: Monitoring progress at a distance

New features: 

  • Student Progress – Listenwise has always provided tools for teachers to monitor their most recent assignments. Now we have added a student-centered view of data on our new “Student Progress” tab. You can look at the most recent performance by a student compared with their average performance and quickly identify students who need additional support with our red/yellow/green indicators. 
  • Tracking time spent on assignments – Did students spend 2 minutes or 20 completing their Listenwise assignment? Now you’ll know. And that is extra valuable when you can’t observe students doing their Listenwise work in your classroom. 

For all of our “coming soon” features, more details will be published when they go live in Listenwise. 

So how will these features change the way you use Listenwise? Any that you have been waiting for? Please share your thoughts and ideas in the comments below.