Listenwise Staff Picks 2023

We don’t think many people would be surprised to hear that Listenwise employees share a passion for podcasts, good stories, and lifelong learning. Listening is part of our company mission and our culture, which makes us a great resource for recommendations of what you should listen to next!

Check out our Listenwise Staff Picks 2023 to find some inspiration for what to listen to next with your students. Our selections include SEL, STEM, and current events, so there’s something for everyone. Enjoy, and happy listening!

Interfaith Meals Build “Justice Through Compassion”

Listenwise Staff Picks 2023

Interfaith Meals Build “Justice Through Compassion” is a beautiful story about building connections with people of different faiths through a shared love for food. 

Growing up, my family emphasized the idea that diversity is one of humanity’s greatest strengths. It was inspiring to learn about an initiative that aims to foster unity and hope while also embracing our differences.

– Sarosha, Content Production Coordinator

Researchers Reveal Secret to Happiness

Listenwise Staff Picks 2023

I like this story because it offers actionable insight into a fundamental aspect of healthy living that does not get as much attention as others do. 

I find Researchers Reveal Secret to Happiness to be affirming, enlightening, and empowering in its guidance about what to prioritize if we strive to lead happy, healthy lives. 

– Marielle, Director of Curriculum

Appreciating Differences in “A Place at the Table”

Listenwise Staff Picks 2023

As a self-proclaimed foodie and wannabe chef, I’m a firm believer in the power that food and cooking have to bring people together. This can take place both literally at the table, but also culturally through the traditions and experiences that are passed down through recipes. 

I think that framing the conversation of racial and cultural identity around food in Appreciating Differences in “A Place at the Table” is a clever way to approach an extremely sensitive but important topic. We can sometimes think of food as just that, but for many people, it represents so much more about their identity and their family’s history. Embracing the uniqueness of one another’s culinary roots while also taking the time to appreciate your own is crucial to an accepting society— and certainly a more delicious one! 

– Matt, Director of Account Management

Listenwise Staff Picks 2023

The Poop Collector Studies Microbiomes

Listenwise Staff Picks 2023

As a former science teacher, I love learning about the microbiome and the bacteria in our bodies. The story The Poop Collector Studies Microbiomes is a great way for students to begin to think about how the food we are eating affects our overall health.

– Brenna, Account Manager

Why Fear is Fun

Listenwise Staff Picks 2023

I love all things dark and spooky — but I wasn’t always that way! I was a huge scaredy cat as a kid, and it wasn’t until I was in my teens that I discovered that the things I used to fear actually fascinated me. 

My favorite story from this year is Why Fear is Fun because it made me think about my love of scary media in a different way. I learned that there are 3 psychological groups that horror lovers fall into, and now I understand a little more about why I like being creeped out! 

– Eva, Director of Marketing

The Joy of Para Surfing

Listenwise Staff Picks 2023

I’m a big-time lover of everything outdoors, so I love our story, The Joy of Para Surfing. As a former special education teacher, I appreciate how this story shines a light for our students on the strengths our athletes with physical disabilities bring to sports.

– Charis, Account Executive

Listenwise Staff Picks 2023

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