Back-to-school is here, and the first few weeks can set the tone for the year. Here are some ideas about how Listenwise can help start the school year off right!

Get students talking so you can get to know themCecil the Lion

With a whole new group of students, one of the challenges is learning what makes them tick. Hard to do if they’re not talking. A provocative or interesting Listenwise story could be a great ice breaker. Maybe the outrage over Cecil the Lion or a debate about self-driving cars?

Did your students have a summer reading list?

Find a few books that students may have read over the summer, and make plans to listen to the audio story and use the discussion questions to start a class discussion. Some suggestions to get you started:

Or highlight a few movies your students may have seen, and find related stories to kick off discussions. What about The Hunger Games or Star Wars?

Build Listenwise into your Routines and PlansAnimal Farm lesson plan

One teacher, Amelia Soura from Orlando, FL, told us how she’s made listening a regular activity with her students. She calls it “Listenwise Wednesdays,” and says her students look forward to it every week!

Take a look back at last year’s assignments that might fit into your units this year. Then explore our full library to see which stories will spark learning for your students.

Here are some of the newest additions to our library: