Welcome back to school!

We hope you’ve had a great summer. We sure have. We changed our name, and now we are called, Listenwise. Check out our updated website!

This summer we’ve been working hard on new and exciting product updates for you, our users. Our updated name highlights the importance of not only current events, but also the importance of teaching listening skills to impact college and career readiness. Listening comprehension is fundamental to literacy – which is what inspired us to launch some great product updates this week.

Did you read that correctly? Yes, we just launched new product updates! (And rumor has it there may be more exciting updates later this fall!)

What’s new?

    • Student listening links!
      You asked for an easy way to simply let students listen to the audio story on their own device. Now both FREE and PREMIUM teachers can give listening links their students. Click the link icon in the toolbar and share the link however you typically share resources with students. You can even share these links to your Google Classroom! Students with PREMIUM accounts will also see the interactive transcript with the story if they log in.
    • Language Challenge levels
      Will my students be able to understand this story? All FREE and PREMIUM users will be able to see a language challenge level (Low, Medium, or High) next to each lesson to help guide you.
      The levels do not relate to the content of the story, but to the complexity of the vocabulary, sentence structure and language in the audio story.
    • Current events with streaming audio – No more linking off to other sites to get our current events stories. For new current events this school year, you’ll be able to stream the stories directly on our site, and they’ll come with transcripts and slowed audio for our PREMIUM users.
    • Updated user dashboards! Both FREE and PREMIUM users have updated dashboards when you log in. Go login and check it out!
    • Updated assignment workflows for PREMIUM users! Check out this in-depth blog post about the updated PREMIUM features, with a redesigned workflow for assignments and classes for maximum ease-of-use.  The classes tab is now your go to place for reviewing student submissions and class-by-class information, not just class lists and enrollment. See your recent assignments organized by class, where you can see and act on everything related to that class. The assignments tab now acts as your reusable assignment library, organized alphabetically by title. You can review and update previous assignments, and assign to new classes.

We’re back to school too!

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We are always looking for new content ideas, or feedback on our product, please tweet us @listenwiselearn or email us at info@listenwise.com to send comments/stories, etc.

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