Earth Day is celebrated in 192 countries on April 22nd, but you can celebrate all month long in your classroom! We put together this collection of current events and lessons related to issues affecting the environment around the globe. Expand students’ knowledge of environmental issues and challenge them to become advocates for environmental protection.

Check out our previous Earth Day collection for a long list of lessons. Here are our most recent Earth stories from the past year below:

Current Events:

   The Challenges of Creating a Recyclable K-Cup

   The Footprint of a Loaf of Bread

   Wildfires Caused Primarily by Humans

   Debate: How Can We Address Global Pollution?

   Wind Power on Forest Land

   Storing Rain Underground

   Air Pollution in France Leads to Temporary Ban on Sports

   Solar Powered Plane Makes Historic Around the World Trip

   How Wind Affects Wildlife

   Universal Recycling Law Keeps Food from Landfills


   Extreme Heat

   How the Weather Influenced ‘Frankenstein’