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As the 2022/23 school year draws to a close, we are taking a moment to look back at our most popular lessons published this school year. Keep this list handy for when you start planning your back-to-school lessons, or use it as inspiration for summer PD!

Explore our list of the top 10 podcasts for students, plus some bonus thematic recommendations.


1. How to Tell a Good Story – ELA & ELD, includes quiz

Telling a good story takes thought and practice. People tell stories every day, in a variety of situations and for a variety of reasons. So what makes a good story? Listen to learn more about how to choose and tell a good story, and why knowing how to do so can strengthen social bonds.

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2. Mexican-American Comic Book Hero Saves Lives – includes quiz

Comic book superheroes often take on real world crises. Today, this tradition continues in the form of El Peso Hero, a Mexican-American superhero created by writer Hector Rodriguez. Listen to learn about El Peso Hero and the writer who brought this comic book hero to life.

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3. How to Overcome FOMO – includes quiz

For some people, making decisions can bring on a feeling of FOMO – fear of missing out. Social media is a primary trigger for FOMO given our tendency to compare our lives to those shown online. Hear more about FOMO and learn how people can alter their behavior to limit their FOMO response.

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4. Mary Shelley and Frankenstein – ELA & ELD, includes quiz

How did an 18-year-old Mary Shelley create one of the most well-known characters in literature? Listen to hear more about the creation of Frankenstein, and learn who Shelley envisioned as the book’s true villain.

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Zora Neale Hurston Broke Barriers with “Their Eyes Were Watching God” – includes quiz
Author Hena Khan’s Books Reflect Her Pakistani Roots – includes quiz
The Popularity of Agatha Christie’s Mysteries


5. The Origami Olympian – includes quiz

Did you know there is such a thing as the Origami Olympics? There is, and recent winner Travis Nolan has been working towards his win since he was three years old! Listen to learn how one person’s love of learning inspired him to combine art and science in a unique way.

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6. Dolphins Connect Through Whistling – includes quiz

Want to hear something amazing? Researchers studying dolphin behavior have observed the animals using communication techniques like whistling to distinguish close friends from those with whom they share weaker bonds. Check out this podcast to learn more about the incredible social lives of dolphins and how they are similar to our own.

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7. Debate: Does Technology Make Our Lives Better?

We use technology in almost every aspect of our lives without giving it a second thought. But is that a good thing? In this podcast, listen to an author describe the potential negative impacts of technology and then debate: Has technology made our lives better?

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8. Inclusive Video Gaming – includes quiz

Video gaming and esports competitions are incredibly popular. But are they welcoming to everyone? Listen to this story about the questions surrounding making League of Legends World Championships accessible to a wider audience.

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9. The Rotting Pumpkin Mystery  – ELA & ELD, includes quiz

Have you ever wondered why carved pumpkins rot faster than uncarved pumpkins? In this podcast, you’ll hear a squash expert discuss the science behind why jack-o’-lanterns can go from evil to just plain rotten!

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10. All About Anxiety – includes quiz

Everyone feels worried at times — but what is the difference between butterflies in the stomach and a medical diagnosis of anxiety? Listen to hear an author discuss different types of anxiety and some coping mechanisms that may be helpful when dealing with anxiety.

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