We are excited to share a free download to a new instructional toolkit. The toolkit contains sample strategy lessons focusing on two of the eight listening comprehension skills that are assessed via Listenwise quizzes (understanding vocabulary and identifying main idea).  These strategy lessons have been developed by Dr. Michael Opitz, co-author of Listen Hear! in collaboration with Listenwise.

Our aim is to support teachers in responding to student quiz data by teaching the 8 key listening comprehension components explicitly (see skills listed below). We plan to develop and share other strategy lessons like these, and we would welcome any feedback you might have about the usefulness of these materials.

What’s the purpose of the toolkit?

This toolkit offers listening comprehension strategies that can be used in a variety of contexts with a multitude of audio stories, along with sample lessons based on audio stories from the Listenwise collection.

What’s included in the toolkit?

  • Broadly applicable instructional strategies for addressing two listening comprehension skills: understanding vocabulary and identifying the main idea.
  • Sample lessons for teaching each strategy featuring audio stories from the Listenwise collection.